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Odessa Diesel Repair

It is right there in the title of this long standing, experienced shop: Diesel Repair. Odessa Diesel Repair is the only obvious choice if you need diesel repair in Odessa, MO. Diesel engines are very unique systems that have very interesting characteristics that different from that of other engines. Their turbocharging, direct injection, lack of spark plugs, and their amount of compression in their chamber are only a few characteristics that separate them from the rest.

This is why you need the experts taking care of any and all service, maintenance, and inspections in regards to diesel repair in Odessa, MO. It does not matter if your diesel engine is in a heavy duty truck or a smaller sedan, they can take care of it all. They will take any make, model, or year when it comes to diesel repair. Opening their doors in 1968, they have ever since specialized in diesel repair in Odessa, MO. The upkeep and maintenance to diesels will ensure the longevity of your vehicle. Repairs and maintenance to diesel engines include: changing the lubricating oil, changing the air filter, changing the fuel filter, bleeding the fuel system, and draining the water separators. This is just the beginning of the services needed to keep your diesel running at peak performance.

Diesel Repair Services

At Odessa Diesel Repair, they have nine service bays, including three tractor/trailer bays, and six certified technicians prepared and equipped for your diesel. Their team are the leading experts on the unique characteristics of these engines. You want the leaders to be under that hood, inspecting, diagnosing, and servicing your vehicle. These diesel repairs in Odessa, MO are not limited to the engine. Odessa Diesel Repair also service transmissions, wheels, steering, alignment, air conditioning, electrical systems and much, much more. So, make sure you keep your diesel running smoothly and safely for years and miles to come.

At Odessa Diesel repair they have been honing their diesel repair skills for almost five decades. Come to the leaders in performing these unique repairs and maintenances. Odessa Diesel Repair, it’s in the name! Come on down for diesel repair in Odessa, MO.

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