Heavy Duty Truck Repair

Heavy Duty Truck Repair in Odessa, MO

Odessa Diesel Repair

These vehicles have created a whole new class of their own. Heavy duty trucks specialize in hauling the oversized loads on the road. Their loads consist of those over 26,000 pounds. Their workload is no joke. This is why it is so important in being proactive when it comes to heavy duty truck repair in Odessa, MO. Their engines are always working overtime and their systems can overrun at any time.

The only choice for heavy duty truck repair in Odessa, MO is at Odessa Diesel Repair. They have been open since 1968 and have expanded their knowledge and education to be able to service heavy duty trucks to a high quality and standards. Whether your business necessitates a fleet of GMC 7500s, or your personal activities require you to drive a single F­750, or you have 5­axle tractor trailer (18 wheeler semi), you don’t have to look any further. This one stop shop for heavy duty truck repair in Odessa, MO consists of nine service bays which include three tractor/trailer bays perfect for these classes of trucks.

Heavy Duty Truck Repair Services

Odessa Diesel Repair’s slogan is “We can align anything that rolls!” Except, that statement could be misleading because at their shop their team of six expert technicians are equipped to handle any and all repair and maintenance needs. Their experience and knowledge of heavy duty truck repair in Odessa, MO is matched by none.

They are prepared to inspect, service, repair, and maintain all systems including, but not limited to transmissions, engines, wheels, steering, air conditioning, electrical, exhaust, suspension, lights, mirrors, latches, and windows. If your business relies on these massive vehicles to be successful, then do not play it fast and loose with them. No matter the size of the service indicator, a flashing dashboard light, engine straining, or wheel pulling to the right or the left, you can never be too safe. Odessa Diesel Repair is prepared to take on any and all truck needs. They truly are the one stop shop for heavy duty truck repair in Odessa, MO. No matter what the need give them a call or stop on by.

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