Light Duty Truck Repair

Light Duty Truck Repair in Odessa, MO

Odessa Diesel Repair

Opened in 1968, Odessa Diesel Repair has been a staple in Odessa, MO. They have specialized in diesel engines since the beginning, but since opening their doors, they have expanded their experience and knowledge into all makes and models of vehicles. One unique type of vehicle that they become experts at servicing is light duty trucks. This is why when you need any and all light duty truck repair in Odessa, MO you should look no further.

Light duty trucks are classified as vehicles with a payload capacity of less than 4,000 pounds. This does not mean their engines are not working harder than your average vehicle. If these vehicles are not serviced and maintained properly, then they will not be able perform at peak performance. Light duty truck repair in Odessa, MO does not only mean trucks. A light duty truck can also include vans, pickups, and sport utility vehicles. Any one of these classifications can be serviced at Odessa Diesel Repair.

Light Duty Truck Repair Services

Their one stop shop for light duty truck repair in Odessa, MO includes nine service bays, three of which are tractor/trailer pull through bays, and six certified technicians. It is still family owned and operated which means they truly care about the services they are providing to every customer who walks in their doors.

Whether you are hauling loads for personal projects in a Chevy Colorado, or have a commercial fleet of GMC Canyons running company errands on a daily basis, these light duty trucks are not immune to the hazards of the road. Normal wear and tear can grow into massive problems down the line. Obvious repair is not the only thing you can do to keep these performing at peak performance. Regularly scheduled maintenance will also put years onto your trucks life. Don’t let that transmission keep on struggling from gear to gear. Don’t let your steering pull one way or the other. Keep your truck hauling for years and miles to come. Light duty truck repair in Odessa, MO does not get any better than at Odessa Diesel Repair. Servicing their community since 1968, give their team a call or stop on by today.

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